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Training: Climate Change Considerations for Emergency Services

Updated: May 25, 2023

The Secure Communities Forum, in partnership with the Joint Environmental Unit (JEU) of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the United Nations Environmental Program, has launched one of the world's first training programs dedicated to educating frontline first responders and law enforcement officers on the impacts of climate change for routine emergencies and disaster scenarios. The training can be accessed here.

Development Partners:

This course, certified by and available online for free from the United Nations Environmental Emergency Centre, guides users through 33 climate phenomena and how exacerbation by climate change creates new challenges for first responders.

The training was developed from a workshop co-hosted by the JEU and Secure Communities Forum on March 1st, 2023, where 23 climate science, humanitarian response, law enforcement, and public safety experts from twelve countries gathered to contribute to the training program.

While still in development, the training program was also presented by the Secure Communities Forum at the United Nation's 2023 Environmental Emergency Forum hosted in Brussels. Attendees from all over the world provided feedback, further enhancing the content of our training program.

Eitan Charnoff, Presenting at the Environmental Emergency Forum

Speakers and contributors to the original March 1st, 2023 workshop included:

1. Lt. Col. Abdulrahman Al-Tamimi Deputy

Deputy Director of the International Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Interior

United Arab Emirates

2. Lt.Col Abdulla Ahmed Alsharhan

The Director of Fire and Rescue Affairs Department, GHQ of Civil Defense

United Arab Emirates

3. Maj. Omar Hamad Alali

Head of Shelter Management Department, Abu Dhabi Civil Defense

United Arab Emirates

4. Maj. Hamad Khatir

Director International Operations Department, International Affairs Bureau. Ministry of Interior

United Arab Emirates

5. 1st Lt. Rashed Aleissaee

Head of the Permanent Alliance Section, International Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Interior

United Arab Emirates

6. 1st. Lt Mohammed Musabh Al-Zayudi

Head of the Business Continuity Department, Ministry of Interior

United Arab Emirates

7. Lt. Sultan Al Dahbashi

Head of the Alliance Development Branch, Ministry of Interior

United Arab Emirates

8. Prof. Ahed Al Najjar

EMS Education & Research Manager, National Ambulance

United Arab Emirates

9. Fahd Mohammad Baraba

Sr. Stakeholder Relations Manager National Ambulance

United Arab Emirates

10. Eitan Charnoff

Firefighter, Medic, and Public Safety Advisor to Secure Communities Forum.

United States

11. Christophe Hodder

Climate Security Advisor, UNEP Somalia

United Kingdom

12. Yukiko Yoshida

Humanitarian Affairs Officer, Joint Environmental Unit UN


13. Leif Jonsson

Senior Environmental Advisor in MSB Roster (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) Member of Swedish UNDAC team Former chair of Advisory Group on Environment and Emergencies


14. Diego Reyes Gonzalez

Programme Management Officer, Joint Environmental Unit, UN


15. Urs Bloesch

Environmental expert, Adansonia-Consulting, UN


16. Hind Khalil

Consultant, Joint Environment Unit, UN


17. Marie Herman

UN Environmental Program,

United States

18. Sergeant Gema Armero

Environmental Protection Service of Guardia Civil


19. Dr. Detlef Schröder

Former Executive Director of CEPOL, Senior Advisor on Security Sector Reform, Police Reform and Capacity Building


20. Peter Van Gorp

Police Commissioner, Turnhout Police Region, Local Police


21. Superintendent Tim De Vos

Deputy Chief of Police Schoten, Belgian Local Police


22. Lorenzo Elia

Director of the National Operation Center, Italian National Fire Corp


23. Piero Stefanelli

Department of Public Security - International Relations Service, Italian State Police



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