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National Response Model on Countering Online Extremism 

About the Response Model

In response to the rising threat of online extremism, the Secure Communities Forum (SCF), in collaboration with global partners, created the National Response Model for Countering Online Extremism. Acknowledging the internet as a persistent platform for radicalization, the SCF aimed to guide the enhancement of collaboration between governmental and non-governmental agencies through the response model.

In collaboration with
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Developed by diverse experts in counter-extremism, internet psychology, faith leadership, and psychology, the model takes a uniquely holistic and collaborative approach. Embracing a multi-stakeholder strategy, a common knowledge base, and universal adaptability, the model provides a robust framework for countering online radicalization.

The response model explores many key verticals that can act against online extremism such as traditional law enforcement agencies but also explore innovative channels such as video games and cultural heroes.

Executive Summary
Full Response Model

We invite you to explore, share, and consider adopting the National Response Model to Online Radicalization by the SCF. Your engagement is crucial in strengthening our collective response to this challenge on both local and international levels. Join us in spreading this model for a united and adaptive approach


Ian Acheson

Senior Advisor, Counter Extremism Project 

Pedro Liberado.jpeg

Dr.  Pedro Liberado

Board Member & Chief Research Officer, Innovative Prison Systems

Dr. Omer Ali Saifudeen.jpeg

Dr. Omer Ali Saifudeen

Head Military Studies Minor/Senior Lecturer,  School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences, SUSS


Rev. Dr. Gary Masons

Founder & Director, Rethinking Conflict

Mohammed Abdelouahab Rafiqui.jpeg

Mohamed Abdelouahab Rafiqui

Pro moderation activist and Former Extremist

Dr. Yair Amichai Hamburger.jpg

Dr. Yair Amichai Hamburger

Internet Behavioral Expert, Reichman University

Dr. Sagit Yehoshua.jpeg

Dr. Sagit Yehoshua

Criminologist & Risk Assessor

Francesco Farinelli.jpg

Dr. Francesco Farinelli

Programme Director, European Foundation for Democracy

Join the SCF and contribute to global and community security.

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