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2023 UN Environmental Emergency Forum


March 22nd-23rd, 2023


The Secure Communities Forum participated at the Environment and Emergencies Forum, which was organized by UNEP-OCHA Joint Environmental Unit and hosted by the European Commission in Brussels. The event gathered around 130 professionals and experts to exchange knowledge and build capacities relevant to emergency responses to climate and environmental crises. Presentations

The Secure Communities Forum presented to the audience its initiative to develop one of the world's first climate change training programs for police and first responders, which is being designed in collaboration with the UNEP-OCHA Joint Environmental Unit.

At the Forum, the SCF highlighted that law enforcement officers and first responders around the world must bridge the gap and collaborate more with climate experts to better prepare both sides to confront and respond to climate change together.

Maj. Hamad Khatir addressing the JEU EEF

In his keynote address, Maj. Hamad Khatir, Director of the International Operations Department at the UAE Ministry of Interior and an integral member of the SCF Secretariat, called for closer law enforcement collaboration with climate experts and presented relevant initiatives of the Ministry of Interior to advance global efforts on the issue. Additionally, Mr. Eitan Charnoff, Emergency Services Advisor to the Secure Communities Forum, presented a technical training that can better empower first responders to address the climate crisis and create a stronger common language between them and climate experts.

Eitan Charnoff Addressing the JEU EEF


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