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Bringing leaders and professionals from government agencies and regulatory authorities, the private sector, international organizations and civil society together to holistically tackle global security challenges and build safer communities.

Our Mission

our mission

In a fast-changing world, new threats and challenges manifest daily. We need to work together, not just to keep our communities safe but to encourage them to thrive.


Holistic community safety and security extends beyond the traditional realm of law and order, and must address broader elements such as economic security, environmental security, food security and social responsibility. To help our communities overcome these challenges, an inter-disciplinary and collaborative solution is required.

We Seek To

Increase awareness of the mutual relationship between community safety and economic growth.

Promote a holistic understanding of the impact of climate change, environment security and food security on community safety.

Enhance global grassroot efforts by empowering families to play an increased role in community safety.

Increase the trust of people in their governments and increase their participation in contributing to public safety.

The Secure Communities Forum, established by the Ministry of Interior of the UAE, aims to provide a collaborative platform where global stakeholders can collaborate to develop solutions on a global level.

Operational Focus

core focus

To create a more secure future we must work together, that is why the SCF strives to bring together a broad range of stakeholders to work together. Our members and participants include those from:

Law Enforcement

International law enforcement agencies, federal and Local police forces, etc.

Government Agencies

Ministries, government departments, regulatory authorities, etc.

International Organizations

United Nations, European Union, etc.


Private Sector

Financial institutions, internet and technology companies, media, etc.


Community organizations, charitable foundations,

faith-based organizations, etc.

Civil Society

Academia, think tanks, etc.

Key Opinion Leaders

Though leaders, comentators, etc.

We aim to focus on a wide range of security challenges that are being faced by our communities


Digital Security


Infrastructure Security


Community Security


Economic Security

Extremism and Hate

Environmental Security


Public Security

Disaster management


Food Security


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Security Guard

Workshops & Webinars


Impact Initiatives

Response Models


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Join Us

join us

Join the SCF and contribute to global and community security.

Thanks for Joining Us!

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