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WEBINAR: Webinar on cultural property trafficking [Nov 2021]

Updated: Apr 24, 2022


Cultural property, which includes objects of artistic, historical or archaeological interest, is part of the common heritage of humankind. Unfortunately, organized criminal groups and terrorist organizations are actively engaging in the destruction, looting, trafficking and counterfeiting of cultural property to finance their activities, through both legitimate and illicit channels.

The webinar bought together experts from law enforcement agencies, international organizations and the public sector to discuss the trends in cultural property trafficking, as well as share experiences and best practices on actions that can be taken to combat this critical issue.


●Mr. Gonzalo Giordano [Works of Art Unit, INTERPOL]

●Mr. Lazare Eloundou [Director of Culture and Emergencies, UNESCO]

●Dr. Eitan Klein [Deputy Director, Antiquities Theft Prevention Unit, Israel Antiquities Authority]

●Captain Christophe Bourdes [Central Office for the Fight against Trafficking of Cultural Property (OCBC), Ministry of Interior, France]

●Major Lorenzo Pella [Cultural Heritage Protection, Carabineri of Udine, Italy]


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