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WEBINAR: Understanding the Public Security Implications of Climate Change

Updated: Sep 1, 2022


July 15th, 2022


Climate change is already here and its impact is found everywhere, public security is no exception. With increased temperatures come drought, resource scarcity, and ever more frequent natural disasters. The effects of climate change will be felt by police forces, fire, and rescue services, and the communities they are dedicated to protecting.

Event Focus

  • Firefighters will contend with an increase in wildfires and natural disasters, compounded by a lack of water resources, or conversely, major flooding.

  • Law Enforcement will confront border security challenges and the need to protect new and at-risk migrant populations while also enforcing inevitably new climate protection regulations.

  • Communities will need to establish stronger resilience to an increase in climate-related risks including food scarcity and droughts.


  • Ilana De Wild, The Director of Organized and Emerging Crime at INTERPOL

  • Detlef Schröder, Senior Consultant on Police and Law Enforcement Capacity Building and Innovative Policing, Former Executive Director of European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training

  • Erin Shrode, International Environmental Activist and Co-Founder of Turning Green

  • Gary Schiff, Retired, Manager of the Carson District US Forest Service and Former Staff for US House Natural Resources Committee

  • Saad Abid, President of Bahri Association, Environmental Consultant, and Content Creator

Organizational Affiliation

Our speaker's past and present organizational affiliation includes leading global law enforcement agencies, governmental protection and management services as well as regional and international NGOs such as:


We have developed a 2-page guideline booklet on practical steps to prepare for climate change based on the insights, facts, and recommendations raised by our speakers and attendees during the event. This booklet breaks down critical steps that law enforcement, fire departments, civil society, and NGOs can take to help secure our communities and prepare for climate change. You can download the guidelines below.

Download the file below

Understanding the Public Security Implications Guidelines
Download PDF • 314KB


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