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WEBINAR: Proactive society engagement in the post-COVID era [June 2021]


The ongoing pandemic has bough to the forefront many challenges being faced by communities across the world. People have been even more susceptible to the virus due to improper nutrition and fitness. Some Emergency response services in different parts of the world have been hampered by the lack of community volunteers infrastructure. Governments and law enforcement agencies have struggled to successfully encourage safety guideline adherence such as social distancing and wearing of masks.

The webinar bought together experts from the private sector and government agencies to share their insights and experiences on nudging theory and behavioral sciences, and how they can be deployed to benefit our communities in a holistic and effective manner.


● Abdulrahman AlMansouri [Director of the Executive Office, Department of Behavioural Rewards, Ministry of Possibilities, UAE]

● Edward Bradon [Director - Home Affairs, Security, and International Development, Behavioural Insights Team, UK]

● Lindsay Juarez [Director, Irrational Labs]

● Sabrina Ng [Deputy Director, Behavioural Insights Unit, Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore]


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