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WEBINAR: Mitigating the Broad Impact of Hate Speech [June 2022]

Updated: Aug 28, 2022


June 22nd, 2022


Hate speech is a universal issue that targets and impacts not just individuals but entire communities and societies. The implications of hate speech extend beyond its specific victims and all too often result in real-world violence and instability.

Preventing hate speech does not just endow its former victims with further equality but creates a safer environment that allows entire communities to grow socially and economically. A reduction in hate speech also helps combat radicalization and thus contributes not just to local but global safety and stability.

Event Focus

This event explored the latest trends in hate speech threats from a multidisciplinary perspective and presented key strategies to combat the threat from a range of crucial pillars including:

  • The role of tech in combatting hate

  • The role of civil society in advocating for victims

  • The role of government and law enforcement in prevention and enforcement

  • How a responsible citizenry can act against hate speech


  • Sue Jones: Head of Operations, Ditch the Label

  • Eliyahou Roth: Executive Director, the Online Antisemitism TaskForce

  • Lt. Steven Sarao: Unit Commander, Racially and Ethnically Motivated Extremism Unit, Intelligence Bureau, Intelligence Operations & Analysis Section, NYPD


We have developed a 2-page counter- hate speech guideline booklet based on the insights, facts and recommendations raised by our speakers and attendees during the event. This booklet breaks down critical steps that government, tech companies and every day citizens can take to help secure our communities and defeat hate speech. You can download the guidelines below.

Download the file below

Counter Hate Speech Guidelines June 2022
Download PDF • 733KB


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