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WEBINAR: Fire and Rescue Services amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak [June 2020]


During the pandemic, Fire and rescue services are being pushed to innovate in order to respond to emergencies while ensuring the safety of their own staff and members of the public, and also to take additional responsibilities to limit the spread of the virus.

Fire and rescue professionals from across the world spoke on a range of topics, including

  • Fire and rescue resilience: Keeping firefighters healthy and operationally fit during COVID-19.

  • New responsibilities: How fire services are contributing to their communities fight against COVID-19.

  • Public safety education: Educating society about critical safety issues.


● Chief James Robert "Rob" Brown, Jr., (Ret.) EFO, CFO [Interim CEO/Executive Director, International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)]

● Major Humaid Abdalla AlAli [Head of Public Safety and Quick Intervention Department, UAE Civil Defense GHQ]

● Bernie Higgins [Chairman, FIRESA Council - United Kingdom]

● Senior Assistant Commissioner Daniel Seet [Director, Operations Department Singapore Civil Defense Force]

● Capt. Scott Goldstein [Pikesville Volunteer Fire Department, USA]


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