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WEBINAR: Financial crimes, money laundering & terror financing in the shadows of COVID-19 [August 20


While governments are focussing their attention on containing the virus and helping communities recover, this has led to an increase in financial crimes such as financial and supply chain fraud, counterfeiting, money laundering and terrorist financing.

The webinar bought together experts from law enforcement, regulatory authorities, international organizations and the financial sector to share their insights on the spread of financial crimes during the COVID-19 outbreak, and actions that need to be taken to contain these crimes.

A common thread between all speakers during the webinar was that it is vital that we continue to collaborate with our global counterparts in our efforts to tackle the rising tide of financial crime.


● Brig. Abdulaziz AlAhmed [Deputy Director, Federal Criminal Police, UAE Ministry of Interior]

● Liat Shetret [Head of Crypto policy and Regulation, Elliptic]

● Gilbert Berk [Head of Unit, Expertise and Stakeholder Management, European Financial and Economic Crime Centre (EFECC), Europol]

● Teddy Nicholson [International Team Leader, National Economic Crime Centre

● United Kingdom]

● Jeremy Sausser [Acting Director - Office of Strategic Policy, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, U.S. Department of the Treasury]

● Richard D. May [Global Head of Risk Assessment and Complex Investigations in Financial Crime, HSBC Bank]

● Chief Superintendent Nimrod Ben Dor [Criminal Intelligence Department, Israel National Police]


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