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National Response Model for Countering Online Extremism

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

The Challenge:

From recruitment by organized terror groups to hate-fueled rants that begin online and echo into real-world violence, the internet will continue to serve as a primary platform for the spread of radicalization for decades to come.

The deregulated nature of the web means it is not just a fertile ground for the spread of radicalization but an exceedingly difficult arena to attempt to combat this threat.

Global Partnership:

The Secure Communities Forum in partnership with the Singapore University of Social Sciences, European Foundation for Democracy, Innovative Prison Systems, Games for Change and Rethinking Conflict have come together to systematically address the spread of online extremism via innovative and multidisciplinary programming.

National Response Model:

The SCF is developing a comprehensive Response Model to Online Radicalization which will empower relevant governmental and non-governmental agencies around the world to increase domestic and international cooperation through a holistic framework to address online extremism that can be adapted easily to local contexts.

The response model will define concrete steps that can taken to combat online radicalization by critical stakeholders including:

Unique Approach: While many toolkits and guideline exist in the field of countering extremism ours takes a uniquely holistic and collaborative approach with several innovative considerations including.

  1. Multi-stakeholder approach: Our response model explores the roles and interconnectivity of major verticals in creating a cooperative CVE strategy.

  2. Common Knowledge Base: Our response model is designed to create a baseline of knowledge empowering non-CVE experts to engage their entities in productive CVE activity.

  3. Universalism: Our response model is meant to be adaptable to a range of forms of governments and cultures, focusing on practical suggestions and areas of consensus.

Expert Team:

The Secure Community Forum and its partners have recruited a team of global experts in counter extremism, internet psychology, faith leadership and other fields to develop our response model to the highest international standard.

Our experts include:

  • Ian Acheson, Senior Advisor, Counter Extremism Project and Visiting Professor at Staffordshire University

  • Dr. Francesco Farinelli, Programme Director at the European Foundation for Democracy

  • Dr. Sagit Yehoshua, Criminologist and Risk Assessor

  • Dr. Pedro Liberado, Board Member and Chief Research Officer at IPS_Innovative Prison Systems

  • Rev. Dr. Gary Masons, Founder & Director of Rethinking Conflict

  • Dr. Omer Ali Saifudeen, Head Military Studies Minor/Senior Lecturer , Public Safety and Security Programme, School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences, SUSS

  • Dr. Yair Amichai Hamberger, Internet Behavioral Expert at Reichman University

  • Mohammed Abdelouahab Rafiqui, Pro-moderation activist

The Response Model is planned to be published in Q4 of 2023.


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